Picture  Clarksdale Baptist Church Children's Department  - Started studying the New Testament on March 1, 2020
Please use these resources and have a moment of fun and teaching with your children.
PS -- It's not just for Kids you might like our fun videos or questions from kids!   
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March 22,2020 ---  Jesus's Dedication at the Temple
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March 29,2020 ---  Jesus as a boy of 12 going to the Temple
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April 5,2020 --- John The Baptist & Jesus  /  Jesus at 33 years old starts his 3 year ministry
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Happy Palm Sunday!



April 12,2020 ---  Happy Easter - the Tomb is Empty !
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What is the Gospel Project?   

 "THE GOSPEL PROJECT" is a Lifeway series which is available from preschool through adult age groups.
The study is designed to take you through the entire Bible in a three year period. 
Each lesson is taught with a Christ Centered connection specific to that Bible Story.
Then the lesson is connected to the Bible in a way to help children see the BIG picture of the Scarlet Thread of Jesus that runs through the whole Bible. .
Every 3 year cycle is freshened up so children get a new look at familiar events, since children will go through the Bible 3 times from Preschool to 6th Grade.
We have entertaining videos that reinforce the teacher's story telling.
The Teacher's Study Guide has suggested games, crafts, and other activities that relate back to the story line.
We just thought you might like to know what your kids have been studying in Sunday School.
We love and miss your sweet children on Sunday Mornings.

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